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By committing to a fairer duty regime and a cut in excise duty, the Government will be boosting receipts to the public purse and backing our innovative spirits industry to continue investing to support the UK economic recovery.

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Call Time on Tariffs

The UK spirits industry has played its part during the Covid-19 pandemic by supporting UK public services, producing hand sanitiser, donating millions to back the hospitality trade and supporting local communities across the UK.

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HMRC duty receipts over the last two years have shown the public finances benefit from providing the spirits industry with a stable tax regime. Receipts increased by 10.2% year on year in 2018/19 and 1.6% in 2019/20, generating nearly £4bn for the Treasury.

Alongside increased revenue for the public purse, new investment supports the UK hospitality industry and the growing tourism industry for our spirits, which are a hallmark of quality across the globe for British produce. 

We are calling on the Government to back this home grown industry and enable us to continue to support the UK economic recovery by cutting excise duty and committing to a review into the unfair excise duty regime.



UK Spirits are worth


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The number of jobs directly supported by the UK spirits industry


The number of jobs supported by the industry across the UK

UK spirits are responsible for more than


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The spirits industry has invested more than


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