The UK Spirits Alliance (UKSA) is a coalition formed in July 2019, bringing together members of the world-renowned UK spirits industry. UKSA is supported by more than 260 distilleries and representative bodies from across the country. Supporters include local distilleries and micro-businesses, and internationally recognised brands such as Diageo, Brown-Forman, Bacardi Martini and Pernod Ricard UK.

Please get in touch to support our campaign to reduce the excise duty burden and stop unfair tariffs.

List of all the supporters


Pernod Richard UK

Copper Frog Distilling

Griffiths Brothers Gin

Penderyn Distillery

Spirit of the Downs 

Brighton Gin

Exeter Gin  

Fords Gin 

Bullards Gin

Forgan Distillery

British Distillers Alliance

Batch Brew 

Silent Pool

Tarbraxus Distillers Limited

6 O'clock Gin 

Shakespeare Distillery

Lussa Gin Distillery 

Burleighs Gin


Shetland Reel 



Shed 1 Distillery

Didsbury Gin

Lost Loch Spirits

Isle of Skye Distillers 

The Little Quaker Distillery 

Thames Distillers Ltd

Downton Distillery 

Slake Spirits

Ellers Farm Distillery 

The House of Botanicals

Haymans of London

Wicked Wolf Gin

Forest Distillery Ltd

Puddingstone Distillery

Jensen's Bermondsey Gin

Whittaker's Gin 

Union Distillery


GlenWyvis Distillery

Tranquil Still

Soapbox Distillery 

The Lakes Distillery

Fordington Gin 

The Wrecking Coast Distillery

Copper Rivet Distillery 

Craft Distilling Services

The Gin Cooperative

Daisy Distillery 

Salford Rum Company

3 Pugs Gin

Lytham Gin

Tyree Gin