Who are you, and what’s your role?

Paul & Cheryl Sharrocks, Owners and Founders

How long have you had the distillery open?

We set the company up in Nov 2018 and launched our first gin in March 2019 so just over 3 years.

What inspired you / the company to start distilling?

Stockport Gin was born out of our love of craft gins. Many happy years had been spent travelling around the UK, and further afield, and wherever we were we loved enjoying the local gins. It in fact became a bit of a hobby of ours and we always bought a bottle to bring back home and add to our ever growing collection! So what made us set up our own distillery you ask?! Well, whenever we went out locally in and around Stockport we always asked for the local gin but what was on offer was always from outside of the town. We always said to each other “Someone should make a Stockport Gin” …but no one did…so we did!

How would describe the distillery’s ethos? / Are there any particular initiatives?

At first all of our gin was distilled in our garage at home but now, all of our gin is made at our distillery in Stockport Town Centre and we are involved in every part of the process. We use a 100l stainless steel column still to produce our gins and then each bottle is filled and labelled by us before being checked and sent out all over the UK.

We are an honest, open and hardworking couple who aim to produce the highest quality gin we can. We like to make gins we love in the hope others would too.

What are your plans for 2022?

In 2021, we made the move from our home distillery to the new premises in Stockport Town Centre and 2022 will see us hopefully continue to expand it. It is set over 2 floors, with the upstairs currently only used for storage but with the hope that it will become a bigger and better event space as well as home to our own Gin School.

We also have plans and ambitions to grow the business as a whole with new stockists and some limited edition gins to be released as well throughout the year.

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