Who are you, and what’s your role?

I am Charles Maxwell the managing director of Thames Distillers Ltd

How long have you had the distillery open?

Thames was established in December 1996

What inspired you / the company to start distilling?

I/We were inspired to establish Thames as the stills, bottling lines and other equipment were lying cold following the previous company going into administration. I am the 11th generation member of a family which has been distilling in London since the late 17th  century and was not prepared to break that line.

How would describe the distillery’s ethos? / Are there any particular initiatives?

Our company ethos is to create and put into production gin and other spirit recipes for our clients. That can mean just producing the liquid or providing a full production service including bottling. We  have a very flexible attitude to meet our clients requirements while retaining that all products produced at Thames must be of the very best quality.

What are your plans for 2022?

Our plans for 2022 are to continue to provide a confidential and quality service to all our clients.

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