The UK Spirits Alliance brings together members of Britain’s iconic spirits industry, campaigning for a fairer duty system that supports jobs, growth and consumers.

The spirits industry supports over 446,000 jobs and contributes £13 billion to the UK economy.

Despite this, on 1 August 2023, duty on spirits will rise by 10.1%, which represents the largest increase in spirits duty since the 1980s. This decision at the Spring Budget means that 80% of the price of a gin and tonic will be taxed.

The stable duty system over recent years gave a generation of spirits entrepreneurs the confidence to join what is becoming one of the UK’s growth success stories, with the number of distilleries jumping by 273% over the last five years.

We are calling on the Chancellor to back this growth industry, and the sections of the economy it supports, through its commitment to the duty review. The industry requires a fairer tax system that reduces the discrimination that spirits faces.


The UK Spirits Alliance successfully campaigned for freezes in spirits duty which enabled revenues for the public purse to increase. 

However, more needs to be done to support the industry, protect jobs and back British consumers.

The tax burden on UK spirits is 80% on a typical £14 bottle of gin or whisky