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The UK is a proud spirits producing nation. 

Our spirits industry is a vital part of the tourism and hospitality sector. We can’t afford to put this great British success story at risk.

That’s why we’re asking the Government to back the industry by reducing the burden of spirits duty and preventing the imposition of unfair tariffs on our world-leading products.

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Our supporters include micro businesses and craft distilleries, award-winning producers and internationally renowned brands. We are also joined by representatives from the hospitality and tourism industries. Members of our Alliance all benefit from the growing popularity of premium British spirits.

Last year, independent research showed spirits generated £13bn for the economy and had an export value of £6 billion– making it the largest food and drink export.

The number of distilleries in the UK has grown to 470 and the industry now supports hundreds of thousands of jobs across the UK. 

The spirit of entrepreneurship has led to the industry tripling in size in the last decade. As such, spirits duty receipts generated nearly £4bn for the Treasury – a year on year increase of more than 10%.

Lowering the duty on spirits will support jobs, growth, exports and investment – all while providing more money for the public purse. 

Our contribution to the economy has been recognised by government in recent years through a stable, common sense approach to the duty regime. This has encouraged investment, growth and innovation.

72% of the cost of a bottle of Scotch is tax. It’s time to reduce that burden in the upcoming Budget!

As we recover from the impact of Covid-19, our industry needs vital support from the government in three different ways.


The evidence is clear – reduced excise duty for spirits increases revenue for the taxpayer. 72% of the cost of a bottle of Scotch is tax. Reducing that duty burden in the upcoming Budget will support our economic recovery.


The government has admitted the tax system on excise duty is unfair and committed to a review of duty in March. We must progress with this review ASAP.


The decision by the US to not apply tariffs to our world-leading gins is welcome and we thank the UK Government for raising our concerns with US counterparts. However, Single Malt Whisky and liqueurs have been subject to 25% tariffs by the US since October 2019. We urge the UK and US Governments to remain at the negotiating table until tariffs on Single Malt Whisky are removed and the threat hanging over other iconic British drinks has gone completely. 


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