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The UK spirits industry is booming. We can’t afford to put this great British success story at risk.

That’s why we’re telling the Government to back spirits by freezing duty for the length of parliament, then reforming it.

Support the UK Spirits Alliance today and tell Government to fix spirits duty

With more than £10 billion in sales annually, UK spirits supports tens of thousands of jobs and generates more than £4 billion a year for the economy.

But success isn’t just about today: from the traditional British pub to micro-distilleries, festivals to pop-ups, the drinks industry is transforming and spirits are the drink of the future.

Government must now fix the duty system to provide our industry the confidence and security to invest and grow.

Our contribution to the economy has been recognised by government in recent years through a stable, common sense approach to the duty regime. This has encouraged investment, growth and innovation.

The UK spirits industry spans the length and breadth of the country. The number of gin distilleries has more than doubled in the last five years. In the 2018 Budget, the government recognised our contribution to the economy by freezing duty.

As a result, revenues for the public purse are expected to increase.

But a duty increase would put this success at risk. Freezing and then fixing duty for good would support further growth, encouraging more investment and innovation in all corners of the UK.

If you support a fair duty system for spirits, support the UK Spirits Alliance

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NEW: Analysis shows that sales of gin in the past year rose by nearly 40% in volume and 42% in value.

Cheers to all our brilliant... UK distillers for this fantastic 🇬🇧 business success story!

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The UK's growing spirits industry is made up of hundreds of small businesses, all across the country 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️

... The next government must commit to reforming excise duty - creating more tax revenue and the stability needed for further investment and growth 📈



Today we released our latest Small Business Index for the third quarter of 2019, showing optimism among self-employed in negative territory for fifth straight quarter #SBI2019 📉

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A commitment to reform the UK excise duty system is our No.1 ask of all parties this #GE2019. Duty reform would be fairer 🤝 ... more competitive 💪 and would continue to drive tax revenue for public services 👍

Will you #SupportScotch and commit to a review of alcohol duty? 🥃🔍

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