The UK Spirits Alliance has this week submitted its representations to the Treasury ahead of the 2019 Budget.

On Monday, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sajid Javid MP, announced his plan to hold a Budget on Wednesday 6 November 2019. The UKSA submitted its documents that evening.

The submission calls on the Chancellor to use this Budget to continue the freeze on spirits to 2022: the expected length of this parliament. This will give spirits producers across the UK the stability and confidence they need to plan effectively for the coming years, building on the significant contributions they already make to the UK economy – and deliver further growth, investment, and revenues to the Treasury.

It also asks the Chancellor and the Treasury to use the period of the freeze to work with industry on reform of spirits duty, to make the system more balanced across alcohol categories and allow our industry to continue to deliver economic growth and revenue for the public finances on a sustainable basis into the future.

You can read the document in its entirety here: UK Spirits Alliance – Budget representation 2019

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